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Amtech is a DK Tools brand and the company has been established for over 30 years. The business has been built around the 3 core company values of Honesty, Integrity and Trust. Our industry expertise and know-how has now been condensed across our expansive range of tools for the home, garage and garden.

Our brand

our brand 

One of the many great benefits of buying into our product portfolio is that we have specifically designed the Amtech brand to be consumer-friendly and visually appealing to a younger demographic. This approach to branding and packaging design ensures that we and our retail partners remain relevant and approachable in today's DIY market.



our products

We have up to 60 core categories across our 2000+ product portfolio and this vast range of tools, ensures that you have access to an endless amount of possibilities that will delight your shoppers, as well as meet their DIY needs.


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our marketing 

We regularly review and evaluate DIY sector insights to identify key trends and consumer purchase behaviours, as this ensures that we are perfectly positioned to stimulate shopper demand and maximise sales opportunities for our retail partners.



our guarantee 

Our stringent compliance standards across our network of 500 factories, allows us to guarantee our products for up to 3 years and we offer end-users a free product advice service consisting of video tutorials and live chat. This confidence building strategy stimulates the primary shopper purchase drivers of quality, value and range.

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Discover how our 30 years of industry expertise can transform your business and explore the possibilities of our competitive pricing and exceptional service standards.
For more information contact us:
T: 01895 435556.


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our news

Amtech coverage in the DIY Week Leader supplement.jpg

Look out for our coverage in the DIY Week Leader supplement

Benchmark is one of the most trusted sources of information in the industry and will be published alongside the 19th June edition of DIY Week magazine. read more
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Amtech makes it easy

Amtech is the perfect place to start if you are looking at cost effective DIY projects for the home, garage or garden. They have an extensive range of both powered and non-powered tools that are guaranteed for up to 3 years and they also offer a ground-breaking product advice service to support you on your DIY journey. read more
DIY insights form GfK.jpg

DIY insights from GfK

Consumers continue to invest in the garden, hardware and tool categories according to the latest DIY insights form GfK. The garden sector has seen the biggest improvement achieved over the last 12 months (+3.2%). read more
Youngsters of 18 and 34 years are interested in learning DIY skills.png

Increasing sales opportunities with DIY videos

When it comes to home improvement, the older generation in the UK are traditionally much more experienced and essentially willing to carry out their own DIY projects. However, according to a recent survey carried out across the UK and Europe, people between the ages of 18 and 34 years, are very interested in adopting DIY skills. read more