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Maximising Space is One of This Year’s Most Popular Home Improvement Trends

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New research from Rated People shows that the pandemic is still influencing the types of improvements people plan to make to their homes in 2022.

The findings in the 2022 Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report, which analysed more than 800,000 home improvement jobs on its platform posted by homeowners around the UK, show that people plan to invest most of their money into maximising space and enhancing the functionality of their homes.

Four of the top five adaptations are around making better use of existing space, with extensions, annexes, dividing rooms and building conservatories all popular.

Interestingly, homeowners are also prioritising building a home bar over a new kitchen or a home gym this year – a knock-on effect from recent lockdowns. It certainly seems that fun and entertainment are high priorities this year!

The top 15 home improvement priorities according to Rated People’s report are listed below, along with the average planned spend for the job:

  1. Building an extension - £18,580
  2. Building an annex - £16,731
  3. Adding an en-suite bathroom - £15,885
  4. New conservatory/orangery - £15,564
  5. Building a wall to create separate rooms - £13,977
  6. Creating a home bar - £13,939
  7. Creating a home gym - £13,574
  8. New kitchen - £12,057
  9. New porch - £11,252
  10. Adapting a room to make it multifunctional - £10,772
  11. Adding an outdoor entertaining area - £10,483
  12. New windows throughout - £9,547
  13. Tiling - £7,728
  14. Garden landscaping - £6,622
  15. Painting - £4,743

“The ways in which we use our homes are constantly evolving, but the pandemic has caused a more rapid shift, with us wanting even more space and now additional areas in the home to do different things like entertain, work and exercise,” comments Rated People’s CEO Adrienne Minster on the findings.

“The home has never been used so much, in so many different ways, as it is now. Our priorities are shifting, with homeowners wanting to use more of their money on creating new spaces for at-home socialising, instead of spending it on staples like a new kitchen. 2022 is definitely the year of the home bar!”

Research from other sources back up this trend towards optimising existing space. A recent report by mortgage advisors Boon Bookers and shared in Country Living magazine suggests that 69% of people in the UK are planning home improvements in 2022, with home offices and extensions high on the list.

Commenting on the research, Gerard Boon, Founder of Boon Brokers, says: “Since March 2020 our homes have needed to be multi-purpose in a way they never have before. For many of us it has brought what we want from our homes into sharp focus – which has then led to the decision to move or undertake home improvements, to get what we need.”

DK Tools – lending a helping hand to consumers

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